mytaxi – The Taxi App

mytaxi – The Taxi App 5.4.3

Order and pay for a cab over the phone...just like that!


  • Works well
  • Handy payment system
  • Personalize the cab booking process
  • Real time information
  • Quick registration process


  • Only available in a few cities (at the moment)
  • A few minor bugs
  • You can't share future journeys

Very good

mytaxi – The Taxi App lets you order and pay for a cab directly from your phone. The app includes some other great features, like booking cabs in advance, and cataloging your favorite drivers. mytaxi – The Taxi App is also available for Android and BlackBerry.

Book, check out and pay for a cab

mytaxi – The Taxi App lets you book cabs from your phone so that there's no need to carry cash or credit cards. The booking process works like this: once you're registered with mytaxi – The Taxi App, you can request a cab by indicating your departure address, your destination, and the time you want to take it. Depending on your preferences, the system will assign a driver from those registered with the service. To give some feeling of security, you can see information about the driver including their name, phone number, and a photo.

mytaxi – The Taxi App shows you all the drivers in your vicinity on an in-app map. Once you've requested a cab, you'll be able to see, in real time, where your driver is. You'll get a message within the app when the cab's close by so that you won't miss it when it arrives.

The app offers several options to pay for your ride. You can either pay cash, or through the app, which lets you link your credit card or PayPal account. Once the cab arrives, accept the payment from the app and choose whether or not you want to leave a tip (5, 10 or 15 percent). You'll have to enter a chosen PIN code to finalize the payment.

After the ride, you can rate both the cab driver and the vehicle, saving the driver to your favorites lists if you want to use them in the future. You can also share your journey via social networks or email.

In this regard, mytaxi – The Taxi App has a useful social network function: the community of users can help you choose one driver over another depending on their previous ratings.

Very easy to use

The best part of mytaxi – The Taxi App is its ease of use. The entire registration process, requesting a cab, and setting up payments are really simple to get a hang of. There were a few small bugs in the app, like the photo upload process for editing your profile, but overall, the app's performance is very good.

A great idea that needs refining

We tested mytaxi – The Taxi App and were really happy with its performance. It's reliable, fast and convenient, although there's still some room for improvement: more cities and a larger number of cab partnerships would definitely help make the app a huge success.

mytaxi – The Taxi App


mytaxi – The Taxi App 5.4.3

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